Go Catfish Fishing In Smith Mountain Lake with Captain Erik

Nothing makes tropical get-away more perfect than investing a touch of energy into fishing at Smith Mountain Lake, and when you’re at the sea, the most ideal approach to get on fishing is by booking fishing charters. They are an awesome method to spend a couple of hours, or a day or two, on the water without worrying about things like mooring your boat yourself, finding suitable fish, and also, fuel costs. There is unquestionably no lack of alternatives with regards to picking the correct fishing charter in SML. Simply stroll down to the neighborhood dock, chances are you’ll find twelve captains in no time.

Captain Erik of Rockfish Adventures proudly offers a 100% fish on guarantee. This makes him the most sought for fishing charter. Striper and Catfish Fishing in Smith Mountain Lake is a year-round experience and Captain Erik makes it a successful one. A tour with him lasts for around two hours and six people are permitted to sit in a boat at once. What’s more? If, while taking the tour, you feel like there is a certain point of interest that you would like to see closely, ask Captain Erik to show it to you and your wish would be granted. Visit the website to book your tours and go angling now!

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty & Fishing Tours in Virginia Beach

If fishing is your most fancied outdoor activity, you should make sure that you enjoy it at some of the best locations in which it is prevalent. Even if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t limit the level of your adventure fearing the worse. Sometimes a bit of courage and passion could be enough for helping you sail through.

So, if you have been throughout the world and have enjoyed fishing in most of the famous locations but have yet to hit the Virginia Beach for fishing, you must try it once. No matter what your fishing expertise, you will enjoy your fishing tour in Virginia Beach. There are fishing tours operators who make sure that your fishing adventure is the best you have ever experienced in your life. Most of these tours would last for about 2 hours. Whether you want to go solo or with a group, these fishing tour operators offer both packages.

The Virginia Beach is spread across a vast expanse, so your fishing route this time could be different to the one that you experienced the last time around. But, if you have a point of interest or if you want to take the same route as the previous time, you can convey this to the tour operator right at the start.

Virginia Beach is not only an excellent location for fishing enthusiasts but the perfect location for people who are great admirers of natural beauty.

Captain Erik – One of the Best Striper Fishing Guides in Virginia

Herbert Hoover said, “Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.” Are these your thoughts as well? Is fishing more than a recreational activity for you? Whether new to the world of fishing or an experienced fishing enthusiast, you would know that it is not that easy in the first place. Especially, when it is about striped bass fishing, one has to invest extra efforts and may even need the advice of an experienced striper fishing guide. So, if you too have been considering to go on a striper fishing tour with your friends, make it a point to avail the guidance of one of the striper fishing guides to make your experience worthwhile.

There’s no doubt that striped bass fishing in Virginia is a remarkable experience. However, the fact that the advice of a striper fishing guide works well in successfully locating and reeling in the beautiful fishes cannot be denied. If, in the past, you haven’t tasted success in your fishing adventures, rest assured this time, going with one of the best striper fishing guides would be of immense benefit.

That said, don’t waste any more time. Go ahead and initiate contact with Captain Erik of Rockfish Adventures without further ado. Well-known for offering guided striper fishing trips at Smith Mountain Lake for fishing enthusiasts, Captain Erik is one of the most reliable striper fishing guides in Virginia.

So, if you too want your day to be a success, get in touch with Erick right away!

Rockfish Adventures

Captain Erik provides all the necessary fishing and safety equipment for the best striper fishing adventure at Smith Mountain Lake to be had. However, come prepared Please be sure to ask Captain Erik what you should bring with regards to adequate clothing for the seasons, etc. if you’re not sure. Bring your camera and be ready for the thrilling fight that some of these stripers can give. We’ll let you do as little or as much as you’d like. You can learn from a pro and see firsthand how to present your bait and lure and the importance of finding the perfect location or you can sit back and wait for the moving sound of the drag when your fish is on and any and everything in between. Rockfish Adventures is equipped with a full t-top enclosure for inclement weather and propane heaters for winter months.

Be sure to check out our extensive photo gallery (although it’s not all inclusive of every catch we’ve made). After your adventure, please be sure to send us photos of your catch and let us know if you’d like us to include it to our collection.

At the conclusion of your chartered adventure, Captain Erik will clean, filet and bag any fish that are eligible for your keeping. Please keep in mind that slot limits may be in place at different times of the year with regard to minimum and maximum length restrictions of stripers caught and are imposed. Rockfish Adventures has no control over these regulations but provides the same striper fishing adventure on a catch and release basis.

Book your chartered adventure today and experience what so many others have with Rockfish Adventures, Smith Mountain Lake’s finest and most accomplished Striper Guide Service.

Things you should bring

Rain Jacket
Soft Soled Shoes
Cooler to transport fish home
Refreshments (All day trips may want to consider bringing lunch)
For the Winter Months: Be sure you have plenty of warmclothes. You can NEVER have enough!
** You will need a Virginia fishing license. 5-day licenses are available. You will NOT be allowed to fish without one.*